Professional, administrative and technical staff support a wide range of areas including legal, governance, information management technology, finance, business development, commercialisation, health and safety, and human resources.

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Title Department Location
Facilities Co-Ordinator - Parkes
Facilities Co-Ordinator - Parkes Parkes, NSW, AU 89291
89291 Parkes, NSW, AU
Facilities Support Officer
Facilities Support Officer Geelong, VIC, AU 91419
91419 Geelong, VIC, AU
Senior Electrical Technician
Senior Electrical Technician Geelong, VIC, AU 91460
91460 Geelong, VIC, AU
National AI Centre Communications Lead
National AI Centre Communications Lead Brisbane, QLD, AU +3 more… 91347
91347 Brisbane, QLD, AU +3 more…
HSE Knowledge Management Coordinator
HSE Knowledge Management Coordinator Adelaide, SA, AU +5 more… 91524
91524 Adelaide, SA, AU +5 more…
Fitter and Machinist - Engineering, Waterford, WA 91405 Perth, WA, AU
Fitter and Machinist - Engineering, Pullenvale, QLD 91406 Brisbane, QLD, AU
Contracts Compliance Officer
Contracts Compliance Officer Canberra, ACT, AU +1 more… 91432
91432 Canberra, ACT, AU +1 more…
Senior Cyber Security Advisor
Senior Cyber Security Advisor Melbourne, VIC, AU +6 more… 91063
91063 Melbourne, VIC, AU +6 more…
Assurance and compliance lead for Labs
Assurance and compliance lead for Labs Canberra, ACT, AU +6 more… 91065
91065 Canberra, ACT, AU +6 more…
Cyber Security Architect
Cyber Security Architect Melbourne, VIC, AU +6 more… 91196
91196 Melbourne, VIC, AU +6 more…
IT Officer
IT Officer Brisbane, QLD, AU 91396
91396 Brisbane, QLD, AU
Implementation Lead - WOW
Implementation Lead - WOW Adelaide, SA, AU +3 more… 91480
91480 Adelaide, SA, AU +3 more…
IT Service Desk Officer
IT Service Desk Officer Perth, WA, AU 91387
91387 Perth, WA, AU
Senior Network Engineer
Senior Network Engineer Perth, WA, AU 91333
91333 Perth, WA, AU
Senior Business Analyst
Senior Business Analyst Canberra, ACT, AU +3 more… 91125
91125 Canberra, ACT, AU +3 more…
System Support Analyst - Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) 91449 Melbourne, VIC, AU +5 more…
Mechanical Systems Engineer
Mechanical Systems Engineer Geelong, VIC, AU +1 more… 86836
86836 Geelong, VIC, AU +1 more…
System Administrator
System Administrator Canberra, ACT, AU +6 more… 91321
91321 Canberra, ACT, AU +6 more…
Senior Full stack Developer
Senior Full stack Developer Perth, WA, AU 91153
91153 Perth, WA, AU
Business Development Manager, CSIRO Environment 91040 Canberra, ACT, AU
HSE Business Analyst
HSE Business Analyst Brisbane, QLD, AU +5 more… 91451
91451 Brisbane, QLD, AU +5 more…
Business Development Manager, National Collections and Marine Infrastructure 91479 Brisbane, QLD, AU +6 more…
Business Support Officer
Business Support Officer Sydney, NSW, AU +6 more… 91296
91296 Sydney, NSW, AU +6 more…
Team Leader - Risk, Safety and Compliance 91352 Hobart, TAS, AU
Team Leader - Policy Procedure and Outreach 91351 Hobart, TAS, AU
Education Specialist
Education Specialist Sydney, NSW, AU +1 more… 91338
91338 Sydney, NSW, AU +1 more…
Senior Advisor, Global Growth
Senior Advisor, Global Growth Brisbane, QLD, AU +6 more… 91349
91349 Brisbane, QLD, AU +6 more…
Trained Sensory Panellists (10 Casual Roles) 91384 Melbourne, VIC, AU
Contract Manager
Contract Manager Canberra, ACT, AU +5 more… 87882
87882 Canberra, ACT, AU +5 more…
Executive Officer - Space and Astronomy 91271 Sydney, NSW, AU
Senior System Administrator
Senior System Administrator Brisbane, QLD, AU +4 more… 83558
83558 Brisbane, QLD, AU +4 more…
Senior Research Software Engineer
Senior Research Software Engineer Canberra, ACT, AU +7 more… 90700
90700 Canberra, ACT, AU +7 more…
Project Manager - Laboratory Services
Project Manager - Laboratory Services Geelong, VIC, AU 90549
90549 Geelong, VIC, AU
Planning and Technical Lead
Planning and Technical Lead Adelaide, SA, AU +4 more… 90670
90670 Adelaide, SA, AU +4 more…