Scientific and technical support

Positions for people who form part of research project teams in a science support capacity or who provide technical support to multiple research projects. Some positions may require degree level qualifications, some may require experience or both. Positions are available across a wide range of science and engineering disciplines.

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Title Job Reference Location
Argo/SOOP Sea-going Technician
Hobart, TAS, AU 22-Feb-2017 0.00 km 32281 Hobart%2C-TAS-ArgoSOOP-Seagoing-Technician
32281 Hobart, TAS, AU
Team Leader - Small Animal Facility
Geelong, VIC, AU 21-Feb-2017 0.00 km 34084 Geelong%2C-VIC-Team-Leader-Small-Animal-Facility
34084 Geelong, VIC, AU
Junior Radio Frequency Technician
Canberra, ACT, AU 19-Feb-2017 0.00 km 33321 Canberra%2C-ACT-Junior-Radio-Frequency-Technician
33321 Canberra, ACT, AU
Early Career Functional Programming Engineers
Brisbane, QLD, AU 16-Feb-2017 0.00 km 31923 Brisbane%2C-QLD-Functional-Programming-Engineer
31923 Brisbane, QLD, AU
Functional Programming Engineers
Brisbane, QLD, AU 16-Feb-2017 0.00 km 31922 Brisbane%2C-QLD-Functional-Programming-Engineers
31922 Brisbane, QLD, AU
Senior Functional Programming Engineers
Brisbane, QLD, AU 16-Feb-2017 0.00 km 30673 Brisbane%2C-QLD-Senior-Functional-Programming-Engineers
30673 Brisbane, QLD, AU
Frontend Engineer
Negotiable, AU 10-Feb-2017 0.00 km 31366 Melbourne%2C-VIC-Frontend-Engineer
31366 Negotiable, AU
Senior Technical Lead - Office365 & Exchange
Negotiable, AU 09-Feb-2017 0.00 km 26941 Melbourne%2C-VIC-IT-Officer-Directory-Services-&-Email
26941 Negotiable, AU
Software Engineer
Sydney, NSW, AU 08-Feb-2017 0.00 km 26924 Sydney%2C-NSW-Software-Engineer
26924 Sydney, NSW, AU
Senior Software Engineer - Web Application Developer
Brisbane, QLD, AU 08-Feb-2017 0.00 km 33002 Brisbane%2C-QLD-Senior-Software-Engineer-Web-Application-Developer
33002 Brisbane, QLD, AU
Software Developer
Perth, WA, AU 07-Feb-2017 0.00 km 26175 Perth%2C-WA-Software-Developer
26175 Perth, WA, AU
Research Technician - Plant and Oil Metabolic Engineering
Canberra, ACT, AU 07-Feb-2017 0.00 km 33061 Canberra%2C-ACT-Research-Technician
33061 Canberra, ACT, AU
Embedded Software Engineer
Sydney, NSW, AU 05-Feb-2017 0.00 km 30468 Sydney%2C-NSW-Embedded-Software-Engineer
30468 Sydney, NSW, AU
Senior FPGA Engineer
Sydney, NSW, AU 05-Feb-2017 0.00 km 30469 Sydney%2C-NSW-Senior-FPGA-Engineer
30469 Sydney, NSW, AU