Research Scientists and Engineers conduct innovative scientific research leading to scientific achievements that are consistent with CSIRO's goals. They may be engaged in any part of a spectrum of scientific/research activity ranging from fundamental research to the investigation of specific industry or community problems.  Working closely with internal and/or external collaborators, they are responsible for delivering impactful research outcomes, and may manage project budgets and research teams.

Science Technicians, or Research Projects staff perform scientific or associated work under the broad direction of research scientists, usually by assisting with the planning and completion of the more practical aspects of the work. They often provide support to multiple research projects across a wide range of science and engineering disciplines.

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Strategy Consultant
Strategy Consultant Sydney, NSW, AU +1 more… 95105
95105 Sydney, NSW, AU +1 more…
Senior Quantum Device Physicist
Senior Quantum Device Physicist Sydney, NSW, AU 86211
86211 Sydney, NSW, AU
Postdoctoral | Science Digital | Software Engineering (Identified Role - Indigenous) 95089 Sydney, NSW, AU +4 more…
Quantum Measurement Scientist
Quantum Measurement Scientist Sydney, NSW, AU 95237
95237 Sydney, NSW, AU
Mechatronic Engineer
Mechatronic Engineer Sydney, NSW, AU 93170
93170 Sydney, NSW, AU
Program Director, ATNF Technologies, Space & Astronomy, CSIRO 95143 Sydney, NSW, AU
Rock Properties Specialist
Rock Properties Specialist Perth, WA, AU 94926
94926 Perth, WA, AU
Bolton Research Scientist
Bolton Research Scientist Perth, WA, AU +1 more… 94788
94788 Perth, WA, AU +1 more…
Expression of Interest - CSIRO Energy Systems & Technologies 94924 Newcastle, NSW, AU +3 more…
Mechanical Apprentice
Mechanical Apprentice Narrabri, NSW, AU 94616
94616 Narrabri, NSW, AU
Research Scientist/ Engineer - Continuous Flow Catalysis 94976 Melbourne, VIC, AU
Bioconjugation Chemist
Bioconjugation Chemist Melbourne, VIC, AU 94522
94522 Melbourne, VIC, AU
Postdoctoral | Science Digital | Multiple Opportunities (Identified Role - Indigenous) 95090 Melbourne, VIC, AU +4 more…
Experimental Scientist - Printable PV Technician 95250 Melbourne, VIC, AU
Deputy Director, Health & Biosecurity
Deputy Director, Health & Biosecurity Melbourne, VIC, AU +5 more… 95341
95341 Melbourne, VIC, AU +5 more…
Research Scientist - Bioinformatics
Research Scientist - Bioinformatics Hobart, TAS, AU 94945
94945 Hobart, TAS, AU
Physical Oceanographer
Physical Oceanographer Hobart, TAS, AU 95261
95261 Hobart, TAS, AU
Biogeochemical Oceanographer
Biogeochemical Oceanographer Hobart, TAS, AU 95279
95279 Hobart, TAS, AU
Electronics Technician - ASKAP
Electronics Technician - ASKAP Geraldton, WA, AU 93354
93354 Geraldton, WA, AU
Electronics Technician - ASKAP
Electronics Technician - ASKAP Geraldton, WA, AU 93353
93353 Geraldton, WA, AU
RFI and EMC Engineer - SKA-Low Telescope 91974 Geraldton, WA, AU
Industrial Electrician
Industrial Electrician Geraldton, WA, AU 93898
93898 Geraldton, WA, AU
Molecular Diagnostic Scientist: High Throughput Sequencing and Bioinformatics 94074 Geelong, VIC, AU
HVAC Technician
HVAC Technician Canberra, ACT, AU 94403
94403 Canberra, ACT, AU
Research Scientist in Human-centred Robot Manipulation 95074 Brisbane, QLD, AU
Laboratory Technician
Laboratory Technician Brisbane, QLD, AU 94915
94915 Brisbane, QLD, AU
Expression of Interest: FHIR Expertise - Software Engineers and Architects 93366 Brisbane, QLD, AU +3 more…
Chemical/Environmental Engineer - Water Remediation Research 94879 Brisbane, QLD, AU
Research Director - Livestock & Aquaculture
Research Director - Livestock & Aquaculture Armidale, NSW, AU +2 more… 94326
94326 Armidale, NSW, AU +2 more…
Experimental Scientist - XRF and Proficiency Testing 94973 Adelaide, SA, AU