Research Scientists and Engineers conduct innovative scientific research leading to scientific achievements that are consistent with CSIRO's goals. They may be engaged in any part of a spectrum of scientific/research activity ranging from fundamental research to the investigation of specific industry or community problems.  Working closely with internal and/or external collaborators, they are responsible for delivering impactful research outcomes, and may manage project budgets and research teams.

Science Technicians, or Research Projects staff perform scientific or associated work under the broad direction of research scientists, usually by assisting with the planning and completion of the more practical aspects of the work. They often provide support to multiple research projects across a wide range of science and engineering disciplines.

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Title Department Sort descending Location
Postdoctoral | Science Digital | Machine Learning
Postdoctoral | Science Digital | Machine Learning Brisbane, QLD, AU +3 more… 94528
94528 Brisbane, QLD, AU +3 more…
Postdoctoral | Science Digital | Robotics
Postdoctoral | Science Digital | Robotics Brisbane, QLD, AU +1 more… 94525
94525 Brisbane, QLD, AU +1 more…
Postdoctoral | Science Digital | Software Engineering 94524 Sydney, NSW, AU +3 more…
Molecular Microbiologist and Imaging Analyst 94241 Canberra, ACT, AU
Front End Software Engineer
Front End Software Engineer Brisbane, QLD, AU +3 more… 94197
94197 Brisbane, QLD, AU +3 more…
Fire Assessments Consultant/Engineer
Fire Assessments Consultant/Engineer Sydney, NSW, AU 94195
94195 Sydney, NSW, AU
Basin Analyst - Sedimentologist
Basin Analyst - Sedimentologist Perth, WA, AU 94082
94082 Perth, WA, AU
Project Manager - Regional Biorisk Management Training (R-BMT) - ACDP International Program 94069 Geelong, VIC, AU
Biorisk Management Senior Advisor - ACDP International Program 94068 Geelong, VIC, AU
Senior Technoeconomic Analyst - Energy 94061 Perth, WA, AU
Field Technician
Field Technician Townsville, QLD, AU +1 more… 94050
94050 Townsville, QLD, AU +1 more…
Research Projects Officer - Field and Data Technician 94027 Townsville, QLD, AU
Science Leader - Sustainability in Mineral Resources 94005 Perth, WA, AU +1 more…
Molecular Biologists
Molecular Biologists Canberra, ACT, AU 93908
93908 Canberra, ACT, AU
Computational Scientist - Biological Engineering (multiple roles) 93906 Canberra, ACT, AU
Veterinary Pathologist
Veterinary Pathologist Geelong, VIC, AU 93881
93881 Geelong, VIC, AU
Observatory Coordination Manager (Identified Role - Indigenous) 93669 Perth, WA, AU +1 more…
Hydrogeologist Perth, WA, AU 93632
93632 Perth, WA, AU
Software Engineer - Vaccine Design
Software Engineer - Vaccine Design Adelaide, SA, AU +4 more… 93397
93397 Adelaide, SA, AU +4 more…
Research Scientist - Analytical Chemist (Pollution, Sensors and Waste) 93193 Perth, WA, AU
XRF Microbeam Instrument Scientist/Engineer 92893 Melbourne, VIC, AU
Project Officer Soil Condition and Function 92659 Canberra, ACT, AU
Head of Software Development - Australian SKA Science Data Centre 92643 Perth, WA, AU
Applied Northern Australia Regional Development Economist 92141 Townsville, QLD, AU
Research Project Officer
Research Project Officer Woodstock, QLD, AU 92138
92138 Woodstock, QLD, AU
Technical Officer - Fire-Resistance Testing 91741 Sydney, NSW, AU
Senior Research Scientist - Meat Supply Chain
Senior Research Scientist - Meat Supply Chain Coopers Plains, QLD, AU 90910
90910 Coopers Plains, QLD, AU
Research Scientist in Quantum Software Development
Research Scientist in Quantum Software Development Brisbane, QLD, AU +3 more… 89861
89861 Brisbane, QLD, AU +3 more…
Research Scientist in Quantum Algorithms and Applications
Research Scientist in Quantum Algorithms and Applications Melbourne, VIC, AU +3 more… 89849
89849 Melbourne, VIC, AU +3 more…
Senior Research Scientist - Sustainable farming systems 87022 Brisbane, QLD, AU