Postdoctoral research fellows

Positions for recent PhD graduates with little or no postgraduate experience. Postdoctoral research fellows undertake independent research and are mentored by more senior scientists within the framework of a personal development program. Positions are available across the entire spectrum of CSIRO research activity.

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Title Job Reference Location
Postdoctoral Fellows Future Science Platforms-Digiscape
Various, AU 20-Jan-2017 0.00 km 31401 Brisbane%2C-QLD-Postdoctoral-Fellows-Future-Science-Platforms-Digiscape
31401 Various, AU
Postdoctoral Fellowship Future Science Platforms Probing Biosystems (5)
Various, AU 19-Jan-2017 0.00 km 31262 Various-Postdoctoral-Fellowship-Future-Science-Platforms-Probing-Biosystems-%285%29
31262 Various, AU
Postdoctoral Fellowships - Future Science Platform - Digiscape (A&F)
Various, AU 19-Jan-2017 0.00 km 31330 Various-Postdoctoral-Fellowships-Future-Science-Platform-Digiscape-%28A&F%29
31330 Various, AU
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Population Genetics
Armidale, NSW, AU 18-Jan-2017 0.00 km 24702 Armidale%2C-NSW-Postdoctoral-Fellowship-in-Population-Genetics
24702 Armidale, NSW, AU
Postdoctoral Fellowship - Digital Market Design
Melbourne, VIC, AU 16-Jan-2017 0.00 km 29815 Melbourne%2C-VIC-Postdoctoral-Fellowship-Digital-Market-Design
29815 Melbourne, VIC, AU
Postdoctoral Fellowship - Pattern Recognition of Remotely Sensed Data
Perth, WA, AU 16-Jan-2017 0.00 km 29581 Perth%2C-WA-Postdoctoral-Fellowship-Pattern-Recognition-of-Remotely-Sensed-Data
29581 Perth, WA, AU
CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellowship-Viral microRNA
Geelong, VIC, AU 16-Jan-2017 0.00 km 29882 Geelong%2C-VIC-CSIRO-Postdoctoral-Fellowship-Viral-microRNA
29882 Geelong, VIC, AU
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Applied Machine Learning for Sensor Data Analytics in Aquaculture
Brisbane, QLD, AU 12-Jan-2017 0.00 km 29505 Brisbane%2C-QLD-Postdoctoral-Fellowship-Digispace-Applied-Machine-Learning-for-Sensor-Data-Analytics-Aquacu
29505 Brisbane, QLD, AU
Postdoctoral Fellowship in FAST and Parkes synergies for pulsar and spectral line observations
Sydney, NSW, AU 12-Jan-2017 0.00 km 31963 Sydney%2C-NSW-Postdoctoral-Fellowship-in-FAST-and-Parkes-synergies-for-pulsar-and-spectral-line-observations
31963 Sydney, NSW, AU
Postdoctoral Fellowship - Software Development, Quantfying Uncertainty in Agriculture
Canberra, ACT, AU 10-Jan-2017 0.00 km 29501 Canberra%2C-ACT-Postdoctoral-Fellowship-Digiscape-Software-Development%2C-Quantfying-Uncertainty-in-Agriculture
29501 Canberra, ACT, AU
Postdoctoral Fellowship - Digiscape Climate Forecasting
Hobart, TAS, AU 10-Jan-2017 0.00 km 29477 Hobart%2C-TAS-Postdoctoral-Fellowship-Digiscape-Climate-Forecasting
29477 Hobart, TAS, AU
Postdoctoral Fellowship - Data staging in IoT and distributed systems
Sydney, NSW, AU 10-Jan-2017 0.00 km 29502 Sydney%2C-NSW-Postdoctoral-Fellowship-Digiscape%2C-Data-Staging-Framework
29502 Sydney, NSW, AU
Postdoctoral Fellow - Augmented Reality for Decision Support
Canberra, ACT, AU 30-Dec-2016 0.00 km 29563 Canberra%2C-ACT-Postdoctoral-Fellow
29563 Canberra, ACT, AU